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Stratford Garden Festival

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Had a fabulous day at the Stratford Garden Festival. It sure was nice to see “spring”. With the winter we’ve had, and the 2 feet of snow still staring back from the yard, we are not quite sure when spring will truly arrive in this area.

There was a great mix of garden and patio ideas, vendors and speakers – something for everyone. And it’s very nice that from year to year there are a few favourites and plenty of new exhibits and people to see. 

The greenhouse will be very happy with all the seeds it will be receiving once the weather improves – however I think another raised bed or two is in order to accommodate the amount that I purchased!

A new trend for some gardeners is Fairy Gardening – you’ll see one picture below. It’s all about making a magical, welcome space for garden fairies to visit (or maybe hobbits!) – it’s basically a miniature garden with miniature features and fixtures, even furniture for the little ones to rest on. This was the first year a fairy garden display was at Stratford. (To learn more, search the internet  – there’s a ton of information).









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