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Blooming Lilacs!

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The lilacs are fabulous this year. The past couple of springs we’ve been hit with a late frost that completely nips the buds – and as a result, no blooms. This year we got lucky!

Remember, if you’re going to prune lilacs, prune them right after the blooms are finished. They’ll soon start producing next year’s buds, and if you prune them too late in the season, or early next year, you’ll lose a spring full of (hopefully) glorious color. 

Deadheading does help build strong buds for next year’s show, and a light pruning of twigs that are getting out of hand doesn’t hurt. Overall though, just keep it to a minimum. Of course, any dead or damaged or diseased looking branches should be removed at any time during the year. 

Branches that cross and rub on each other should be pruned also as the rubbing may create raw spots that opens the area to infection or disease. 

Here’s one of my favorites that’s out in our garden.


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