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Spring Garden Chores!

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Yes, it’s that time again. Spring clean up. And we all know we need to clean up the winter debris, rake the leaves, clean out the pond, get the compost going again and clean and sharpen the tools….

But there’s a few other things we should do in spring to make sure the garden looks it’s best all summer long.

Apply slow-release fertilizer to flowering shrubs and vines, including roses, rhododendrons   clematis. Many vines and climbers are heavy feeders and a little extra boost right now will help them remain strong and colorful.

Give summer-flowering bulbs, such as cannas and dahlias, a  head start by potting indoors   under lights until after the last frost date. Then there’s no more waiting until July for blooms – you’ll see some in May and June.

Divide mature perennials such as phlox, showy stonecrop and bee balm as they begin to   sprout, before temperatures get too high. (And if you don’t have anywhere to plant   them, donate them to your horticultural society or garden club for their spring fundraising plant sale!)

Pull out weeds as they appear – will prevent them from seeding and multiplying. A little diligence now goes a long way with weed prevention.

Watch for any plants that have been pushed up by the frost and secure them back into the   ground. The sooner, the better – before the roots dry out and the plants begin to struggle.

Fix any mounds of dirt left by tunneling critters over the winter – with the soft soil of spring, the   area can become unsafe.

Happy Spring Clean Up!

Author: gardenchatter

I'm a horticulturalist, a garden experimenter and member of GardenComm International (garden communicators) who enjoys playing in the dirt and growing a wide variety of veggies, plants and flowers in my Zone 5 garden. Check out my website http://www.wowmygarden and the gardenchatter podcast at

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