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Fall Cleanup!

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Yes, it’s that time again – time to get outside and get the garden cleaned up for what’s to come. Here’s a few fall garden and clean up tips that I find make getting back out in the spring an easy task!

– Start the clean up early so that the various jobs do not become overwhelming. Different areas and different plants can be cut, pulled or trimmed each week. As the summer annuals start to fade, pull them out – it keeps the garden looking clean during the fall and makes the entire cleanup easier.

– Shred the falling leaves and use them as mulch in the garden and around strawberries, roses and vines that need extra protection over the winter. They will break down by the spring and provide great nutrition for the new growth that starts in March.

– If you have raised beds, place a layer of newspaper in them to stop the sunlight and prevent new weed growth – and cover with a layer of ground up leaves. It all composts under the snow over the winter and you will be free of weeds next spring when it’s time to plant new seeds.

– Stake any new, young trees to prevent damage from winter winds. Add extra mulch to help protect them.

– When the first frost warning occurs, get those tomatoes, peppers, squash, and other veggies in the house. Pick up, and remove or compost any that have fallen – don’t leave them lying around to attract critters.

– Once the perennials are done, cut them back – it makes the spring clean up so much easier. Leave a few standing though, like sedum and black-eyed Susan’s to provide food for the birds.

– Don’t forget the houseplants. As the inside heat comes on, remember to fertilize and water more often than over the summer months.

– Overseed lawns, add extra to bare spots, and fertilize.

– Remove tender bulbs like dahlias and cannas from the garden as before the frost sets in. Keep surrounded by peat moss in a breathable container in a cool, dark spot for the winter.

– Clean up hosta leaves in the fall so the slugs do not have a place to hide for the winter.

– Don’t forget the tools – clean and sharpen pruners and shears – one less spring task to do. Removing mud and dirt from shovels, pruners and other tools helps prevent rust and keeps them working at their optimum. Drain the garden hose and move it to a protected location. And turn off the outside water tap to avoid freezing and possible damage.

Author: gardenchatter

I'm a horticulturalist, a garden experimenter and member of GardenComm International (garden communicators) who enjoys playing in the dirt and growing a wide variety of veggies, plants and flowers in my Zone 5 garden. Check out my website http://www.wowmygarden and the gardenchatter podcast at

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