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Fall Is On the Way!

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But we still have plenty of good weather to look forward to here in zone 5 – today we’re in the 80’s and sunny! A perfect day for starting some of that fall cleanup.

There isn’t too much that needs to be done yet, but cut back any faded perennials – the spiderwort is done for the year, and those were cut to the ground today. I pulled out some of the obedient and gooseneck plants, leaving just a few that will spread again next year. Both quite invasive, but easy to control, and great summer plants.

Plant radishes and snowpeas for a fall harvest now – radishes take about 5 weeks and snowpeas aren’t all that far behind – each preferring the cooler weather. Mine should be ready the first week of October.

The raised beds are going to be receiving a layer of newspaper and then thick layer of shredded leaves as they all start to fall from the maples. The paper will stop the weeds from sprouting in the spring and will break down into the garden. The leaves will add additional darkness and also will break down over the winter adding extra nutrition to the beds. Grass clippings are also great – bag the mower when you cut and collect the grass for additional nutrition in the beds.

Pull out any ponds plants that are brown or faded looking. Once the frost hits, all annual pond plants need to be removed as to not contaminate the water – but take out any now that aren’t as bright looking as they should be.

And don’t forget the hummingbirds. They will soon be flying off to warmer climates, but need plenty of sweets to help keep them going. Fill the feeders and help them have a successful journey!


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